Experian Hurt My Credit

Experian Hurt My Credit

I have had a membership with Experian monitoring for approximately 3 yrs. I have been diligently working on my credit and paying my bills before they are due in full, prior I had very poor credit. It took me literally over 3 yrs to rectify. My credit score has been 700 and above, with minor fluctuation month to month. Recently, out of no where, with absolutely no changes on my behalf or to my credit, my score dropped from 749 to 637. I rece ived the alert and called immediately. After over 12 Customer service I my behalf. No one will help me or provide an explanation as to why. They are telling me it doesn’t how anything on the report, and not offering a solution to fix. That is not acceptable to me. The last Agent I spoke with said, after he seemed very annoyed, to try calling FICO, he said they determine my score. That is a lie. I called FICO and they were very pleasant. They explained they do not determine the credit score, that is from the credit bureau. They offer memberships for credit monitoring. So, after 2 days of my blood pressure hitting the roof, time away from work for all the calls and an honest hard working mature female, this just does not settle with me. I worked too hard to build my credit to be now at a lower score with a drop in 1 day of over 30 points and no explanation.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want compensation for the doctor appointment, I have high blood pressure, I want them to provide a full explanation as to why this happened and I want to have my credit back to where it should be.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Experian complaints

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