24 Hour Fitness Bad Customer Support

Published on July 16, 2020

They charged my account in the beginning of March and less than a week after the charge the gyms were shut down. I tried to contact them by phone and email and all of the above but of course there is no one available to help you. I emailed them that I wanted my money back and I wanted to freeze my account but they emailed that it wasn’t an option to freeze your account. Like wth?? I couldn’t even get onto my 24 account to do it myself. I tried to find a contact for corporate multiple times. I ended up calling my bank Wells Fargo and putting a stop payment on them so I wouldn’t be charged any longer. When they reopened I spoke to a manager and he assured me I could workout and my account wouldn’t be charged for 65 days. Funny thing is they just charged me on thus past Monday THE DAY THE CLOSED AGAIN. How fishy is that???? And how I can’t get a hold of them so I had to dispute my account with wellsfargo.. the funny thing is, about 2 weeks ago or so I had fraud and got an entire new account number with brand new digits, new expiration, new security code and everything. So HOW did they get this new information when I have not given them my new card information not had I ended the stop pay I put on them. I want to know how the hell they got my new debit card number and charged me a recurring payment???! I want them to go down. They also threw out everything I had in my locker that I had in there the opening the gyms had closed. I couldn’t reach anyone for three months and I went back the first day they opened and they threw away my brand new hairdryer, flip flops, and all moisturizers and makeup care out of my locker without even giving anyone a heads up that they were going to do that. I told a manager who obviously didn’t give a rats ass.. MARK. At the 24hr fitness in north Torrance and he never called me back. Huge problems happening At this gym

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want to be compensated for all the new stuff they threw away in my lockers as well as the largest lump sum of money that is fair to charge them. I’m so pissed I am absolutely shocked how they were able to get my brand new debit card number and get past the stop pay that I had on them… that’s stealing!!! I’m so freaking furious. The bank has no idea how they got my card info and I want an explanation on how they possibly got my brand new debit card when I did no such thing of provide them with that information…..

Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more 24 Hour Fitness complaints

Information from the 24 Hour Fitness Legal Action Center

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