Allegiant Hurt My Credit

Allegiant Hurt My Credit

Good evening!

I apologize to write you. This is not in my nature nor my intent, but my wife and I just had the worst customer service experience ever at the Destin airport.

The ladies were berating my wife and even when TSA came over and asked why we could not be accommodated, the ladies tried to tell him that TSA didn’t even mean anything until it exist until after 9/11– which is false.

They then told my wife that she was acting like a “B****” and that I was unstable. I then went to get the sheriff and they shared to the Allegiant ladies that we were under control and that there seems to be a mishap somewhere for someone to be forced to miss a flight in which we arrived 1 hour and 25 minutes prior to.

I believe the actions of your Destin employees fit the definition of libel, discrimination and possibly prejudiceness.

Needless to say, I am appalled. As one administrator to another, this is not how you run a multi million dollar operation. I do not expect anything. I would love to chat and share the experience. I would also appreciate these details being reviewed and appropriating refunds rendered and consequences provided to the individuals working for Allegiant in Destin, Fl.

Most cordially,

Wesley ******, DBA
Vice President of University Outreach
Assoc. Professor of Business Administration
************* University

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