Charter Spectrum Customer Service Lied to Me

Published on July 17, 2020

It started when I moved into wodsworth Nevada I called Spectrum to hook up the internet they said we could send you a modem and a router and only charge you $11 well when the stuff came in the mail I called them and it didn’t work so apparently a telephone pole went down and that it had the wire that was hooked to the mobile home I moved in so when I found that out I told the people that Spectrum two weeks later they send somebody they told me that it would be $109 to get it working to run a new line This is already after the $11 charge of then smelling me this stuff with another hundred 9 okay then my bill was never at the amount they said it was going to be they shut me off five days at the end of every month for like 7 months I got tired of it I told him to disconnect well I can’t live without the internet because I’m disabled I’m at home I don’t have a vehicle I don’t get out of bed so I tried again they made me pay another hundred and $14 to get it back on so they came out they stood by the pole didn’t do anything charged me $114 before it got turned on I had another charge on my email saying I owed 219 in then I called them and told them disconnect disconnect disconnect they I don’t know what they did or did but I disconnect and I are DirecTV’s well that wasn’t no internet So eventually I had it turned off and now I did it again and I asked that lady is there going to be any other charges I’m sending you oh yeah they asked me for another hundred and $14 so I interned at the lady I give you the 214 does that mean I’m going to get another bill a few days later no you won’t know you won’t work I got a bill 2 Days Later telling me I owe them $284 I can’t take it no more I already went to the doctors twice because it drove me and my heart was just hurting so bad I can’t take it no more please help me please I’m desperate help

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Maybe I want them to pay my doctor bill maybe I want them to give me an apology maybe I want them you quit doing this to people

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Information from the Charter Spectrum Legal Action Center

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