Santander Consumer USA Locked My Account

Santander Consumer USA Locked My Account

We have 2 vehicle loans through Santander consumer usa and they stopped reporting to the credit bureaus and wiped the existence of the loans from mine and my husbands credit completely. They locked our accounts so we cant access them online anymore, they haven’t sent any correspondence through the mail or email in regards to either of our loans since April of 2019. We believe even though our state is not apart of the settlement against Santander that our loans and circumstances pertaining to them should be included in the settlement. It states on Santanders website they are suppose to send out mail pertaining to those who qualify but we have not received anything from them in over a year and feel that they wouldn’t send us any letters about this.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like both vehicle loans to be forgiven and show they are completely satisfied and the titles released to both me and my husband.

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