Santander Consumer USA Collections Issues

Santander Consumer USA Collections Issues

purchased car April 1 2013…after 6 months had a hard time paying on time single mom low pay job got extensions to keep car. car was totalled out in oct 2017 due to flooding from Hurricane Irma. I had insurance in addition to gap ins. santander sent state farm my payoff of 19,000. Oct 2017 however sent my gap ins payoff of 8800 Oct 2017. state farm paid 8035.00 of the 19,000.00 Gap took 1 year to have pay….426. 11,000.00 is charged off on my credit santander claims they never sent my gap ins a payoff. ?? I have paid over 1,100.00 in fees to at 10.95 a piece just to make my payments. santander is refusing to provide me with proper ppw to submit to my gap ins so they can review to reopen with correct payoff at time of loss. I purchased my car on my lunch break from a Chrysler dealer as a single mom making maybe 9.45 an hour. There were many times my car could have been repossessed due to me not being able to make the payment however they would move a payment to the end of the loan or have you only pay the insurance for 3 months and not the principal I don’t know where I need to sign up for the suit or if I even qualify I really just want this off my credit but them to help me send a proper paperwork to the gap insurance so they can pay what they were originally going to pay which would have settled the debt right now I can’t buy a home or car because of this

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Refund of feesI had to pay just to make a payment. Loan forgiveness on my credit of the 11000 Plus what is stopping me from buying a car or a house because they did not send the proper ppw to the gap insurance company of the correct payoff and now santander refuses to assist

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