Lyft Claim for Compensation

Published on July 28, 2020

Lyft Charged My Card..That Was On Someone Elses Account After I Used Their Phone To Order A Lyft Home. This Said Friend DROVE For Lyft…And I Was Only A Rider (I Dont Even Have A License) The Friend Was In An Accident With The Vehicle She Actually Got Through Them…They Charged Her A $1,000 Dollar Deductible. LYFT Force Charged EVERY Card That Was On The Friends Lyft Account (Mines Being One Of Them) And Charged My Card $636 Dollars & .40 Cents.. They Were Told Several Times I Wasn’t The Person Driving, They Charged The Wrong Account, I Dont/Didnt Even Drive For Lyft! They NEVER Refunded My Money.

Submitted by: Anonymous | Read more Lyft complaints

Information from the Lyft Legal Action Center

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