Lyft Customer Service Lied to Me

Published on July 28, 2020

I was a Lyft driver and was deactivated without due process. I was not even on the platform when I go deactivated my last a final time. I was at a gas station and a couple had started a argument with man and created a hostile environment while I was pumping my gas. I left the gas station and was followed me and took a picture of my license plate. I was deactivated a full 2 weeks later and was not told why I had been deactivated. My last ride was from the car rental place at the Oakland airport. To the Oakland hills with a lady in her mid to late 20’s. I had thought the reason I had been deactivated was because she complained about being harrassed. I have cameras in my car so I could defend myself from fraudulent claims against my name. I was living in the Hertz rental at the time due to the low wages, Lyft paid. A week an a half after I was wrongfully deactivated I was told that I could start driving again. I let them know that I was and still have PTSD from the situation of being deactivated and not being told why I was deactivated. I let them know that them deactivated me put me in financial ruin and that I was homeless living out of my car. I asked if they could give me money for lost wages or if i could get the information of the person who wrongfully accused me of harassment so I could take them to court the lady told me no. I have been in jail and had to sleep on the street because of Lyfts actions against me. I will never work for or be associated with a company who doesn’t defend me or people like me. People who work hard to get people to their destination in one peace for 50 cents a mile. I now have no respect for Lyft and will never do business with them. They have ruined my life. All I ever wanted was people to feel safe and comfortable. I’ve been waiting for justice to be served for almost a year. I still wake up with tears in my eyes due to how I was treated. I really thought that I could help make people feel safe and respected. I was not safe and was disrespected by countless passengers most were nice. But the pay isn’t good enough for one passenger or non passenger. To put a person into financial ruin and for there to be no justice from Lyft.

Thank you for hearing me I’ve been silenced for almost a year.

Submitted by: Anonymous | Read more Lyft complaints

Information from the Lyft Legal Action Center

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