LA Fitness Claim for Compensation

Published on August 1, 2020

I was an employee for nearly 6 years. Within the first year, they stopped paying “time worked” wages with no notice, I was asked to “service” clients with the promise of compensation after the contracts were reconfigured in the system from Nationally certified training packages to Master Training. I was a Master Trainer, different wage than what was sold. I also hadn’t had a single new client for more than 16 months (other trainers would get new clients per week) and I was told I wouldn’t be given any. There was no communication so after 5 years I never knew that we were supposed to have weekly performance evaluations and most importantly, I had given LA more than 8 months to fix certain contracts so I may get paid for training 4 contract people. They gave me excuse after excuse. I finally gave up and put in my resignation. My final days equaled about 10 weeks, rather than the traditional 2 weeks. All records are electronic within this company. I am unable to retrieve my emails and schedules.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want them to compensate me for 2 assessments performed at $22. each. I want them to compensate me for 10 sessions for John and Theresa *****, 16 sessions for Mike and Melissa *********, 3 sessions for Karol *******, 5 sessions for Tammy *******, and 16 sessions for John and Brianna *****. The minimal package compensation a Master Trainer makes for servicing a client was $12.00 per session. Collectively, these sessions equal $492.00. I would also like compensation for “Time worked” that wasn’t paid but hours of labor were worked after HR said it was stopped (approximately July of 2014). I figured 10 hours per week, for 30 weeks of each year, at the agreed $8.00 per hour= $14,400.00 Grand total of $14,936.00. 10 weeks was more than enough time to pay me and fix the issues I had with my superiors. They didn’t fix anything so I resigned. Now I am unemployed because of Covid19 because the gyms are still closed and LA Fitness wrecked my chances of collecting unemployment. I am struggling.

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LA Fitness


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Irvine, CA, USA

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