Santander Consumer USA Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Santander Consumer USA Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

In May of 2012 my husband and I purchased a 2008 Jeep Commander from Carmax in Kissimmee,FL and had a preapproval from Santander for the auto loan. The contract price was for 19,995.00. The contract was for 60 months paying 445.00 a month. In February of 2017, we wanted to trade the vehicle in since we only had a few more payments to make on the loan before we owned the vehicle. When we called to get the payoff of the Jeep, Santander told us we still owed 14,000.00! We paid every month! We only did three deferments. So we knew we still had those to pay but to tell us we still owed 14,000.00 when the loan was only for 19,995.00 that meant we paid only 5000.00 toward the loan in 60 months! My husband was so upset as they refused to give us an accounting for the loan. He told them to take the Jeep and shove it. They picked up the vehicle and instead of listing the account as a voluntary repo, they closed the account as a charge off for the 14,000.00 and keep reaffirming the account on our credit files as late every month! We have disputed the account several times, we have called Santander requesting an accounting of the account. They sold the Jeep and did not apply the funds to the loan! We are praying the open class action lawsuit gives us some relief from this predatory company!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
As per the class action lawsuit, they are to forgive an balance showing and they are to delete the account from all credit bureaus.

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