Charter Spectrum Customer Service Lied to Me

Published on August 6, 2020

I don’t even know where to begin. I have been under emotional distress for over a month due to my issues with Spectrum. I recently purchased a cell phone through them and had my home phone number ported over to my cell phone. My phone turned on for about fifteen minutes then shut off, and I could never get it to turn back on. I decided I would like to get rid of my cell phone and have my number ported back to my home phone. I kept being told I would receive a label to send the phone back in 24-48 hours. That never happened. I went to the store a few times and was told they can send the label to a different email address and that the $50 restocking fee would be waived for me. I never received the label to any email address I provided. Now, I am being told I am getting charged the $50 restocking fee, the phone is paid off and I can’t get my money back since it is past the 14 days to return it. However, I tried to return it numerous times, and they never sent me the label to ship it back.

I was also told my home phone would be turned back on in 3 days. Two weeks later, my phone was still not turned back on. Eventually, my phone was turned back on but with a completely different number, which is not what I wanted.

My internet stopped working about a week ago, so I called and waited on hold for a long time to speak with someone. Once I did they told me to contact google about my internet not working. What does google have to do with my internet not working?

I finally went through a different service provider and told them I want to cancel service with them. I brought all of my equipment back up to the store and was told I would get a cancellation confirmation email, which never happened.

I also emailed an executive for assistance, who had someone else reach out to me for a good contact number. I provided my number and was told someone would contact me within 24 hours. After that didn’t happen, I emailed to complain about it and I finally got a call, but the person I spoke with was extremely rude and said I would still be charged for my phone and would receive a bill. Since it is their fault I wasn’t able to send back my phone, and the countless hours and distress on the phone with no resolution, on top of them never following through with what they say, I do not think I owe them a dime. This company really needs to be shut down. They are crooks. Please help with getting this resolved for me.

Thanks so much!

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Information from the Charter Spectrum Legal Action Center

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