Santander Consumer USA Lied About the Price

Santander Consumer USA Lied About the Price

I was told 1500 to get in a car i was told I would be paying less than 700 I feel as if I was prayed on because my car note is 800+ a month my loan interest rate is excessive my car loan was 33,500 when I bought the car with a credit score of 600 now I have a 390 Credit score and The car is only worth 15,000 I’m in negative equity of more than 15,000 I was never asked where I work I told them I didn’t have a job and I was defaulted from the sign of the loan please help

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like the title to my car and my credit repaired due to the practice I was used in and my money I spent in all back

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