Chase Bank Claim for Compensation

Chase Bank Claim for Compensation

I had just resolved a fraudulent transaction which had taken two months to resolve with Chase bank. Right afterward JP Morgan Chase bank double charged my visa account on June 30, 2020 from a single purchase with in the amount of $64.46. I have made many attempts to have their double charge removed.

Numerous phone calls have been made to the number Chase bank provides. All my calls have been fruitless. I have sent many secure messages in an effort to resolve the double billing. I have tried to attach evidence in the online secure messaging. Receive a RED ERROR message that states, “it looks like this part of our site isn’t working right now.” I Ask that Chase bank does NOT DELETE these messages. I feel if they do they should be held accountable for obstruction of justice.

I have emailed evidence from which was sent to their executive office more than once, politely asking to correct their billing error. The emails from Live Aquaria clearly prove that I had made only just the one purchase on June 30th, 2020. I have told JP Morgan Chase bank many times to please correct their billing error. As the emotional distress they have/were causing was having a negative effect on my health.

JP Morgan Chase Bank is, has been aware that I am a senior citizen, and that the Emotional distress they were causing was making me sick. I feel Banks cannot be allowed to operate in this fashion in the United States of America. JP Morgan Chase bank should be punished for their outrageous actions; intentional infliction of Emotional distress, procrastination, and lack of action in correcting their own negligent errors.

On July 31st 2020 JP Morgan Chase bank has billed me again, for a THIRD (3rd)time in the amount of $64.46 dated again June 30th, 2020, and posted July 31st to my credit card account. My credit card account now INCORRECTLY reads that I owe $128.92. I believe this to be further evidence of their Intentional, infliction of emotional distress. Photos have been taken for evidence. JP Morgan Chase Bank really need to be punished.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I have suffered, JP Morgan Chase bank has had a negative affected my health. Should be punished for their outrageous intentional actions. I am seeking one million dollars or whatever the Judge and/or Arbitrator deems as fair to punish JP Morgan Chase bank for their actions.

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