Brinks Home Security Claim for Compensation

Brinks Home Security Claim for Compensation

July 6th,my alarm,went off,telling,me that glass breaking,I called them,telling them that no glass was Icalled them 6 times from 6th-through the ninth of july,they told me the earliest they could come was aug,22,and that I could not use my alarm,but would still charge me,and I needed to buy a battery,but the would charge me 50.00,to come,and 65.00 per hour to be here,,they told me it’s in my contract,,I said to them,,I never got a contract,,and your loving me unprotected,with out my alarm,,I have a son that is autistic,that does not feel safe and neither do I,,I now sleep on my couch,and do not get much sleep,for my job,every time my dog barks or growls, I’m up,so I bought a surveillance video,,cameras to feel somewhat safer,,we cant go anywhere, due to cant set my alarm,,I’m pissed,because this happened on july 6th,and they wont help me until aug,22nd,they charged me 75.12,so I went to my bank and shut down my debt card,and got a new one,,I asked them,,than why am I paying 75.12 every month,if you not helping me,my son is a vulnerable adult,and to see him,scared,to go to sleep ,and feel protected,,is a massive problem,,for him and me,,they dropped the ball,with helping,us feel safe,,cant keep going to work,,with little sleep

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Pay,my son and myself,,a generous amount for,,suffering, stress,scared,to sleep at night,,or when we leave,to run erands,and,to wipe out the remander,of what I owe to cancel,

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