Santander Consumer USA Lied About the Price

Santander Consumer USA Lied About the Price

I was looking to finance a car April 2018 after the transmission on my truck went out that I paid for in full. The salesman really wanted to put me in a car and I really needed to be in the car I was almost desperate they ran my credit through several different agencies I counted 17 on my credit report and the only one that would accept me was this company Santander, what I thought was the company accepting me they told me that I needed a cosigner the only person I can think of was my daughter whom was in the Navy at the time being ready to deploy I’m in Georgia and she was at San Diego California so she went to get a power of attorney so that she can be my co-signer is what I thought but what happened after the loan was all sign a sealed was I end up being a co-owner Borrower awho only made $9 at the time and maybe $700 a month total they end up using her as the primary and her income was 20 times the amount that I was making so I got caught in this loan that I couldn’t pay and I tried. It don’t say much to a lot of people to pay $300 but when your rent is 650 you have a hard time trying to pay $300 a month and I’ve been trying to converse with them over the time because I didn’t understand how did I become the co-borrower of my own car

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Give me a reasonable payoff give me a chance to get my title

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