Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Our problems started on the first night. We got to our short-term rental and there was no power. We were sent to another rental property by the same owner, but this property was not clean which made us nervous due to COVID-19. We were instructed to go back to our original AirBnb the next day. In the light of day we discovered an untold amount of damage and uncleanliness. The three biggest issues: 1) There was no handsoap or dishsoap in the entire airbnb and the bathsoap had been used. Per AirBnb policy, all three of these things are against the rules during COVID-19 2) Sheets were not clean. Over our stay, I kept thinking I was smelling urine. On the final day I stripped my bedding at the host’s request. There was dried, but unwashed – odorous, even – urine on the sheets. Again, bodily fluids during a pandemic is a no go. 3) The host’s listing said that it would include “complimentary coffee maker”, “complimentary soaps and toiletries”, “space where guests can cook their own meals”, “dishwasher”, & “pots and pans, oil, salt and pepper”. There was no coffee maker, toiletries, pots, pans, plates, cups, mugs, glasses, or dishwashing liquid. We requested that this be brought to us. Our host sent over a team of people – none of them wearing masks – and unpacked some of these amenities, all of which had to be washed. In other words, they were unpacked dirty.

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