Sprint Bad Customer Support

Sprint Bad Customer Support

Lied about ending a lease to become upgrade eligbile, took the payment, misappropriated it to pay for “past due balances” still sent me out a new phone and cancelled my lease, then charged me $550 for ending my lease early and an additional $250 for “Not receiving my old phone” even though that was sent out on December 20th. They said they would remove both charges from the account in previous conversations and never did. I paid a settlement of 876 in March, now they are coming for the remaining 1,000. I will pay what I owe, once the charges they said would be removed are removed. I would like to sue for damages, this has ruined my credit and I want payment for the time I’ve had to waste pursuing them and the emotional damage.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like them to close my account and take the collections off my credit report. I would like compensation for the time I’ve wasted, the emotional damage, and the damage to my credit.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Rhode Island | Read more Sprint complaints

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