Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

I booked my Airbnb location for the month of September (September 2nd to Oct 3rd) . On the list of amenities for the private room I booked, I was told working internet and air conditioning would be provided. I am a student, and due to the global pandemic I am in need of working internet access my online classes. However, the internet speed at the location was recorded at .54mbps. Extremely slow, barely even present, and unusable (average internet speed for California area is 100-300mbps). I was unable to attend both of my classes that day. Additionally there is no air conditioning in my room. I paid for the full month with the amenities included and was not given them. I was put on hold by airbnb support for 6 hours that day, not knowing where I will be spending the night and for the rest of the month. I was told that the problem was the internet is uncontrollable and thus did not warrant a refund. Have yet to hear back on the A/C issue. Additionally, the host (the roommate in the other room) is now telling me that they are not comfortable and offended because I reported the situation to Air Bnb support. I now have no place to stay for the month and lost about $1250.

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