Lyft Claim for Compensation

Lyft Claim for Compensation

August 31 ,2020 I ordered a Lyft for my son Lyft driver abdo saleh picked you my son approximately 6:00 pm from Pleasanton ca drop off was in mountain hide unfortunately my son never made it home safely I was on my app watching the ride and the driver wa like 10 mintues from mountain house and all of a sudden the Lyft driver turned around and ended back up in Tracy so I called the police to report that my son was bit dropped off to his location and my son told me that he woke up to the man touching him taking his clothes off and now my son is incarcerated for defending himself and the Lyft driver is out free while my son sits away from his family for self defense

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like like to sue the company for not throughly checking their drivers background and my sons hardship he is a minor incarcerated away from his family please contact me about this so I can further go forward with this claim my name is cassandra ******* ********** I don’t wish to disclose my minor sons name until I speak to someone

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