Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

I have been overcharged for three months in a row I am on a fixed income and they know that my bill for two phone lines is 125 a month they have consistently charged me for three phone runs since my June statement that’s June July August September and I now see in October I’m going to have a charge of 160 my payments have always been 125 a month and when I didn’t pay the amount that it was making me pay today which was 170 they disconnected my service I want all my money back that I have overpaid and I’ve added it up to every dime including the two credits they promised me and it totals an even $500 I should add for all my time spent in frustration have a literally screamed out my back door today I am fed up and frustrated with a lot of companies right now I feel like people are taking advantage of me and I can’t take it anymore!

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