Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

I made a number of reservations that needed to be cancelled. Part of my 100% refund (service fees) was provided with air bnb coupons or credits. When I made new reservations, these were attached to the new reservations (one per reservation). When my new reservations needed to be cancelled (covid related), my 100% refund was minus the coupons/credits because per their rules (I found out) are only able to be used once. I believe this is an extremely grey form of fraud. The first time I contacted customer service (have transcripts) I was told they would provide these funds back into the account but when I cancelled the reservations and asked for them to be placed back into my account I was told this could not be done.

If they choose to do business this way, I am willing to eat the loss. BUT I really do not want to do business with them anymore. Unfortunately I now have $1680 in gift card credits which are “non refundable”. I would like to sever my relationship with airbnb and would like the funds returned.

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