AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

In March of 2019 I discovered a water leak at my second home. It was a complete disaster and had to call insurance for broken frozen pipes. Demo for my home started April 10, 2019. I had mold everywhere and everything was destroyed. My at&t wires were torn out. I tried to call at&t to suspend the account March 31, 2019 but because I lost my ID at&t refused to suspend my account. I didn’t know what to do. So I kept paying the bills from at&t from April 2019 to February 2020 all the while trying to get at&t to understand my home was under construction (I have the construction contracts) and trying to tell them there was no service. I paid $800 all the while under construction with no service during this timeframe. AT&T agrees I paid the $800 but says they couldn’t do anything about no service because I supposedly couldn’t ID my account. So they just kept the money. I went and changed my passcode April 24, 2020 and even after I got a new pass code, they still claim I have no right to my money and am owed nothing. They are claiming I didn’t change my ID pass code until July 10, 2020. That is a lie. I changed my pass code on April 24, 2020 I then called at&t again to try and fix the situation and nothing got fixed. It got worse. In August of 2019 AT&T is claiming I called in to change my service and lower my bill by $5.00 This is impossible because I didn’t have any service in my home and was under construction from April 2019 until April 30, 2020 when AT&T re-wired my home and connected service. If I had service for all of those months why would I need to have the house re-wired for new service? AT&T is lying. Then AT&T sends bills for over $300 for the months of March/April. I do not pay. Then somebody at AT&T changes the bill and says the amount owed is $273.82 since the new service was installed. I pay the $273.82 but then AT&T cancelled my service on August 11, 2020 and suspended my account as of June 9, 2020!!!

What is going on???? I paid for 8 months for no service while under construction $798.94 which they refuse to give me credit for claiming it is because I couldn’t authenticate my account. Weather I could authenticate my account or not, I still paid the money for no service and they kept my money. Then my new service went in April 30, 2020 and if I already had service how could they run new wires? I didn’t have service: AT&T is lying!!! Then I pay for new service from April 30, 2020 $273.82 and they suspend my account as of June 9!!!

AT&T LIES like no tomorrow and is keeping my money and has cancelled my service when THEY OWE ME MONEY!!!!! They claim I didn’t change my ID until June 10, 2020 THAT IS A LIE!!!!!

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