AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

I just had to share an awfull experience I recently had with At&t. I ported over 7 lines of service from another carrier. Nothing but a hassle! Absolutely no service when on there 5G network. After many calls to support we decided to go elsewhere because the problems could not be resolved. Returned all of the phones back to the store within the 30 days you get with a business account. The next day I find out there is a 55 dollar per phone restocking fee which we were never told about when we got them or we would have never done it! The store manager was unwilling to help at all so I called at&t directly and again they were unwilling to help at all. I would have been fine with the restocking fee if I would have been told about it ahead of time so I could have made that decision before throwing away 330 dollars for nothing! This was just not a good provider for our company that’s the only reason we switched. Pretty terrible customer service. And not only that the service sucks!

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