Metro by T-Mobile Lied About the Price

Metro by T-Mobile Lied About the Price

When I started my service with metro I added three more lines, and requested a password be put on the account. I did not want other ppl to be able to make changed or add features.
The next month the bill was higher that quoted,ppl were in my account adding insurance and other features. I called customer service, they assured me it wouldn’t happen again. Then I got a notification that there were changes to my account and my new payment date had been changed. I called back. Nobody should be able to make any changes except the account holder. I have never had a bill at the price I was quoted, and I’m tired of ppl accessing my account and making changes

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I feel I deserve free airtime. I hate being on hold for customer service, and to have to keep calling them is not convenient.

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