HughesNet Customer Service Lied to Me

HughesNet Customer Service Lied to Me

We want to be able to stream movies but Hughes is too slow to watch even a short You Tube video. We called Hughes to find out how we could do that. Very nice helpful man said we needed to upgrade to gen5 and get a booster. The booster is $100. We don’t know how much more the gen5 is. He said we needed a new modem. We live out in the country and there are not many options for internet. Hughes has never been very fast but we thought it was the best we could get and we’ve been with them for about 5 years. We don’t know what the difference between gen4 and gen 5 is. Gen 5 is more money, we’re elderly- 74 with MS and 81 yo with Parkinson’s with dementia, fixed income but we don’t do anything else but watch tv so we decided to go ahead. Second day, we called advanced tech who said we would not get a new modem and did not need one. The person tried to explain but I could not understand much of what she said. We received both modem and booster. Neither worked so called advanced tech again. Both advanced tech people went through a bunch of stuff we didn’t understand and the second one finally said the modem was defective and we would have to have a repairman come out. What she was saying was so complicated but we’re pretty sure she said we had signed a two year contract which we did not do. We had done speed tests on line and they were even more slow than before we switched to this new gen 5. We disconnected the defective modem and booster and reconnected the old modem. More research and phone call to our son and we realized we had made a really dumb mistake. We should not have depended on Hughes to tell the truth and as I wrote above, we just did not understand what the people were saying. We did a chat with Hughes in which we were told that the only way we could stream is if we paid for more data and that would be on top of the increase of the gen 5. If we didn’t do that, Hughes would slow us down. ATT said we can stream with their Hotspot plan so we are going to switch and cancel Hughes but we don’t know what Hughes can do to us. We have worked hard to stay out of debt and we have an excellent credit rating. We’re very afraid Hughes could ruin that and we can’t afford to pay for something we’re not getting. Can Hughes make us pay for a contract we did not sign? We really appreciate any help you can give us.

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We just want to leave Hughes, cancel their service completely and then not be charged for this 2 year contract we never signed for.

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