T-Mobile Wrongly Sent Account to Collections or Impacted My Credit Score

T-Mobile Wrongly Sent Account to Collections or Impacted My Credit Score

Over billing and over collecting via auto pay began within 6 months.

Services term and monthly billing disputes for 3.5 > 4 years.
Constant billing increases, obsolescence of named services and rate agreements constantly evolved and default to the newest evolution without notice.
Failure to implement or abide by customer service agents guidance, agreed upon solutions to resolve issues of complaints.
Reimbursement by bill credits not timely or honored.
Evaporating credits.
Difficult to reconcile billing.
Long term or running accounting is difficult or impossible to obtain.
Customer service notations are not copied to customer and become lost or unavailable to current CS agents for future/current CS agents.
They are unaccountable or unable to tract history and upon service cancelation notice either fail to cancel or heap on / inflate billing for remenant services pending account closure.
Current charges deemed unpaid for failed return of “wireless extender”.
Terms of acceptance/ receipt specified that they would issue and send a UPS RTV authorization and shipping box. This was restated when customer attempted to return device to a retail outlet. To follow, a request was made for the RTV and shipping box for purpose.
No action taken.
Months later a collection agent called to collect.
Customer denied obligation and stated the company failure to make good its own terms.
This was effectively registering a dispute with the assigned authority/agent.
No follow-up reply.
Then a notice thru credit- Karma of derogatory collection posted to TransUnion and Equifax for $239.
Subsequently contact with TMobil CS yielded a letter, RTV instructions for “customer paid” UPS SHIPPING.
This completed and receipts within 20 min.
EMail saying Co would not pursue collections if returned within 30 days and Receipt is in hand.
Coercion continue and TMobile now dont know where the return is and no account history is available and the charges must be legitimate.
We have spent months and many hours making little progress in resolving this matter.
Credit score previously @ 735 is significantly diminished with potential worsening effect as the claim matures unresolved as well as impending lingering effect.
Further and additional
Assurion insurance.
They sell as acting agents and collect the fee cost for insurance and upon a claim inquiry defer to Assurion agent. Only then do additional conditions , otherwise obscure ,are disclosed as absolute preconditions for insurability.
This process failed miserably costing $1000 and loss of use and upgrades.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Supply term of service accounting for review.
Fund accounting review.
Refund any prior and previous overpayments through account resolution and final closure.
Letter to me referencing their mistakes and failed customer service obligations reflected by their notes.
Copies of all historical notes.
Cost of losses and punitive award for being disreputable and dishonorable in business and/or pay a compensatory damages and estimated, likely or reasonable cost of lost opportunity , inflated credit cost, as well as healthy reimbursement for time and anxiety caused by their purposeful and convoluted billing designed to extort undeserved profits for little or no cost by purposful system design.

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Information from the T-Mobile Legal Action Center