Verizon Wireless Won’t Let Me Cancel

Verizon Wireless Won’t Let Me Cancel

2018 phone was basically 1st gen iPhone 11 facial rec. froze and numerous other issues. They sent me to Apple. Apple agreed phone was a manufacturer defect. Apple gave me a new phone . That phone had same issues plus new ones. Apple said to claim it on insurance as Verizon didn’t want to replace either time ? I paid for the phone and service I didn’t get to utilize! Pulse stress and countless hours on the phone and in person discussing this matter. Phone service got sent to collections while we were still negotiating situation . I disputed/ with just reasons and it was removed !! EOS a debt collection company picked up the debt??? Verizon extended me service and a new phone at a cost of course .. They wouldn’t give me a phone if I was in the wrong or negligent. ??? This is gross mis use of time and energy . With COVID 19 and sheltering in place it’s a hypocrisy! Why do I have service and a phone with them NOW ? I’m an upstanding person in the community, I volunteer and love this planet and it’s inhabitants! Please help . I’m out a lot of money and time thousands of dollars . Please if you could use your expertise in communicating the actual situation on my behalf I would be so grateful.. Sincerly Juliet *******

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