Charter Spectrum Won’t Let Me Cancel

Charter Spectrum Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Charter Spectrum did:
I was paying and sold for 400 MB internet. when we moved into the place it gave us sometimes as slow as 3 or 2 MB never more than 50 usually in the teens. I had a technician out on more than one occasion I think it was three times they rewired stuff every time and it made no difference. finally the technician came out and said that there was a wiring problem but that the way we are set up here there’s no chance that we would ever be able to get 400 MB internet. I said if we cannot get that I don’t want to be charged for it and have that as my service I was assured that that would be taken off I don’t believe it was taken off at least right away we continue to pay for that and also a telephone which has not been used once but they said if I change the plan that it would go up and I had to keep the phone so I’m paying for a phone with taxes that I don’t want or use. I don’t know still if they have taken the service down 200 mag which is what I asked for. Because they’ve without asking me added in this monthly extra for time during the coronavirus when the bill was unable to be paid. It’s very hard to understand what I’m getting billed for now period and nobody there seems to know either. I want my money back I don’t want credits I don’t want three movies I just want the money back that they charged me for a service that I did not receive and I also want them to take it a step further and actually make a gesture to show that they are in some way penalized for taking the action they did and in action that they did. It’s still does not work worth the darn . But I got tired of calling I’m just waiting for the new cable company to finish this neighborhood and I will disconnect them.

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