Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
Ive had this phone for about 2-3 months. Recently I found out that i was scammed and now my phone including every account has been hacked. Some accounts including one from the FTC i cant get into along with others. Including my bank! I was told to take this phone to metro pcs and exchange it out. I went to the closest one. He said i would have to go to the one i bought it at. Today i go explain to the girl everything and that i was told to bring it in and exchange it. She refused said metro doesn’t own us so we are not gonna do that. I would have to pay for it. The security app was not properly installed at the time of the metro pcs employees setting up this phone. Now i cant get anyone to take responsibility for their actions. I feel like a victim all over again. It doesn’t matter what i do i did a factory reset that didn’t help. Nothing helps

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want another phone like i was told but this time set up properly. Compensation for all that Ive gone through. A formal apology from that store employee that laughed at me and told me no the supervisors all of them to be retained to handle situations like identity theft and hackers. Trained to not make the victim feel victimized all over again. The last supervisor i spoke to said ” well if your phone has been hacked call the cops ” I want her Rizza 907902 FIRED , CEASER 27921 FIRED AND THE STORE EMPLOYEE FROM TODAY FIRED.

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