Comcast Claim for Compensation

Comcast Claim for Compensation

What Comcast did:
I was on the low income family plan and due to the pandemic they said Due to my children home schooled they told me that i had to upgrade from 9.99 to 39.99 and get my bills someone changed my plan to 69.99 and then on top of that someone tried to add my bank card for auto pay without my permission. Now im on the phone with another rep and she said she see 67.99 so now theres 3 different price’s this is not right at all and something needs to be done and the last rep never help with the problem and told me a lie said they would be answering calls in tell 12 ok and sent my call to voicemail but said call her back after i got off the phone with the support time knowing she was not going to fix this or even pick up to help with this.

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