Target Complaint

Target Complaint

What Target did:
I was abused and discriminated against at Target in Herald’s Square this evening and openly discussed by employees in the store.

Additionally, I have become known in New York over the past 3 to 9 years with the past ~20 months being the most intense as I was, and to me as of now remain, someone who is not a public figure legally, or a celebrity, by definition, however, people I know are, and I am a known abuse victim and am subjected to abuse daily with the abuse of me even being referred to over the NYC MTA Subway loudspeakers from the Summer of 2019 to present, including this month, December of 2020. Any reference to this publicly unfortunately is not even safe for others to me because it furthers an issue related to public health as so many people have been enlisted to abuse me that I feel it is not good for the city, as a whole, or any individual’s mental health.

While checking out and paying for what I wanted to purchase at a kiosk, I noticed 2 people also move their heads in a manner that mimicked something that occurred near Columbia University’s campus in the Summer of 2019 when a man, who seemed to be college aged, stood on Broadway, outside of the university’s main gates on West 116th Street and after saying that, “Pete (Kiernan) said we did well without her, but would have done better with her,” stood at a table that was set up with information regarding something, and then, with a green T-shirt on, began to move his head back and forth like a lion, opening his mouth wide as he moved. One of the 2 people to do this while checking out was an asian youth between the ages of 7 and 10 with a tall, asian man with him perhaps, his father and/or a guardian.

There have been other incidents of abuse and/or harassment that have occurred at Target, as well.

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