Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

What Suddenlink did:
12/2019 Suddenlink tried to raise my price of my internet, so I called them and told them I was not having this and would cancel my service, because I was tired of them ripping me off. So the guy helping me told me he could offer me a price of $51.79 for life with no increase. then in Feb they raised it to $61.79 that is when I started calling asking them to pull the phone call and they refused to do so, I repeatedly ask for a supervisor but not 1 would call me back. now two weeks ago they turned off my service over $89.49 of late charges on their part for not doing their job and checking that phone call. Plus they just raised my bill another $28.13 I told them I was going to report them to the BBB and sue them. I want my $89.49 back and my bill to stay at $61.49 just like the guy promised me for life. Or I will start in over the $1,300 they owe me for the cable. Thank you
Cory ******

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get Suddenlink to fix this thank you

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