US Bank Claim for Compensation

US Bank Claim for Compensation

What US Bank did:
I have been using us bank relia card for moths now and rather then having two banks I let us bank be my only bank and so my daily use of it became routine and for months I have been able to use it with cash app and pay pal with the corona virus being the way it is I became dependent on cash app as a way to pay my bills sending money to friends to pay this or that and I would help them the same way money started to get really tight and all of the sudden on Christmas Eve after selling most of my tools to make it the best Christmas I could stretching every dollar I wound up being short 300 dollars on rent lucky for me I had a direct deposit of 364 dollars hit my us bank card or so I thought I tried to cash app my landlord the money after repeatedthreats of me being late he said one more time I’m gone and the cash app didn’t go thru I contacted my us bank for sure we could settle this because I didn’t have the us bank card since I had it connected for months now to my cash app and it worked without fail only this time it didn’t on Christmas Eve

I am Informed that alllthiough I been using us bank with cash app for months now that cash app is a direct person to person transaction that will never go thru and has never gone thru so I tell the lady ok well I need to close my account out then let me cash app pull evey cent so I can pay this rent they said they couldn’t do that without the csv number even after I told Him I didn’t have to card and now apparently cash app locks the card any time a transaction attempts to charge us bank and by this time I have months of autopay things going thru there it left me having to call us bank every five minutes to unlock It again over and over I unlocked it over and over I couldn’t use it today was my last chance my land lord said I told him it was Christmas and he said prove to me they don’t let you cash app and that the money is on the account and I will let you pay me next week so I called us bank customer service after an hour of being on hold a man gets On the phone and says the call was flagged for fraud and hung up on me I was evicted for 300 dollars short on rent when my bank account held sufficient funds rather than watch my kids open gifts I had to force them to pack d they had to watch me take their toys back to the tore to get us a motel instead because of a new rule they chose to enforce Christmas Eve that was never even mentioned before I’m suing for the chaos it caused in my life along with the tears that streamed down my kids faces because y’all refused to let rye send the rent money but allowed small transactions the next day

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
You can’t put a price tag on what your bank took way from me this Christmas Ihavr pinched pennies and sold off my very equipment that make my money just trying to provide or my family and y’all held my own money from me being able to use at the most important time of the year during the most deadliest time of year where I tried to make my family have one day of normal and y’all chose to destroy it over a pool icy y’all know y’all have not and are not normally enforcing I move that the court find in favor 10 thousand dollars or whatever the court sees fit I watched my kids faces die right in from of me I had to take their toys back to get a room y’all could have waived that policy or at the bear least allowed me to close out my account where the restrictions of person to person would not have had an impact on my kids life thank you for your time

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