Greystar Bad Customer Support

Greystar Bad Customer Support

What Greystar did:
I have placed numerous phone calls to leasing agents and I have also requested multiple maintenance request. Unable to submit form ( they have none). I’ve also attached photos to these requests regarding dog feces all around my building. Maintenance man refuses to come and clean it up but he will go to the rest of properties. This is a major health violation. I can get sick and so can my pets. I am afraid either myself of my pet will drag in some type of disease/bacteria into my place and continuously get sick. It has been over 1 yr and this is my only resort. Animal Control won’t do anything.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like them to do thier job as us tenants are being charged monthly for it. An apology and to keep property clean. I pay too much here to receive such health threats.

How would you rate your experience with Greystar?
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Submitted by: Anonymous in Nevada | Read more Greystar complaints

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