Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

What Wells Fargo did:
My name is David *. ******, Wells Fargo Bank finance a car for me. The car was wreck and total loss. My account number is ************. Gap insurance I purchase when I brought the car. Wells Fargo claim that there was no gap insurance on the vehicle. Wells Fargo request that I must pay the balance off. On December30,2020,I receive a letter from Wells Fargo stating that the gap insurance paid off ,saying they were sorry about the mistake. I want to have the money I paid the balance on the car. The amount I paid was $900.00 close to $1000.00. Thanks, my email ***********@*****.***. Phone number ***-***-****.This complaint is a car loan.

Submitted by: Anonymous Wells Fargo customer in North Charleston | Read more Wells Fargo complaints

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