Aarons Bad Customer Support

Aarons Bad Customer Support

What Aarons did:
I rented a bed set with this company and was able to pay for my purchase. But the covid 19 happened and the whole world was put out of work and whatever i could pay i paid and the have me in some program thats suppose to help that they take 9.99 out of my account for like what is that for then im sick i have not gotten any assistance at all and the little assistance i have gotten i have had to pay bills and make sure i keep a roof over our heads i am HIV positive and suffer from mental illness as well and have written documentation of this and have been going through a very hard time and constantly getting harassing phone calls and pop ups at my house from aarons after i have told them i dont have any money to pay them then my bed has not been put together right since i been here its been leaning and not properly put up so it wobbles someone came to fix it but came at wrong time then i had to call the person to come fix my stuff and then because he came at the wrong time they got at me like it was my fault. They should have called the man not me thats not my job why am i doing their job? I have been in and out of the hospital im not working im trying my hardest to get some assistance but the world as we know it is going under. Thats not my fault i dont mind paying them i just dont have any money. What do i do?

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Apologize, fix my equipment or new if they want me to pay. And take off whatever balance i have paid even thou it was for their program i still was paying something

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