DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
I have not had service with DirecTV since July of 2018. In August of 2018 I moved to Arizona. That fall a technician came out and tried to install the service. as they claim all you need to do is take your box with you and it’s easy to get service when you move. They didn’t mention that my plan would have to change nor could the technician even install the equipment in the rental because we did not have permission from the landlord. The technician that day in the fall of 2018 should have canceled my account.when I called and spoke to a representative at December of 2018 I asked for my account to be canceled instead they froze it. The technician took my box with him when he left that day and I do not own a piece of DirecTV equipment. Fast forward 6 months to the summer of 2019 and AT&t / DirecTV’s computer system automatically restarted my account. The only way I found out was when I noticed an email in my mailbox stating that my DirecTV account had been charged off for non-payment. I am disabled and have not worked since December 2017. Before I moved my bill was less than $15 a month. I did not sign a new contract or ask for a new plan but was assigned one somehow in their computer system. I was then charged for three consecutive months at whatever new plan they put me on. I have been harassed with collection calls time and time again which drastically affects my health condition. I have autoimmune diseases and mast cell activation syndrome where stress triggers anaphylaxis. I’ve already been hospitalized once due to this situation and occurred medical fast forward 2 years they’re harassing not only myself but my friends and family on a Saturday. what kills me is that every representative I’ve spoken to has apologized and tried to escalate the account to the proper department yet nobody will take two seconds and say she didn’t have equipment she wasn’t using our services why are we harassing her her family or her friends. Please help me do something!

Submitted by: Anonymous DirecTV customer in Queen Creek | Read more DirecTV complaints

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