PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
On December 17, I sold an item (Order number: **********1) on eBay for $164.98 (+9.07 tax = $174.05). After the sale I received a message from the buyer asking to deliver the content (download codes) digitally via eBay messages. This was done and the transaction was complete.

Later, I was informed that someone had hacked this person’s eBay account to make this purchase, and the transaction would be removed. I then contacted eBay to inform them that the content was delivered digitally (via eBay messages), and the codes had been redeemed by someone, as I had already been paid for the transaction. I later checked with Microsoft and was told that there was no way to reverse this transaction or trace who used the codes. eBay said I would be fully protected in this transaction. I was told the funds were in my account and would stay.

In late December I was informed by Paypal that a case had been opened regarding this transaction. When providing details, I informed them that eBay had said that this transaction was protected and would not be reversed and that they could verify the details provided regarding this case.

On 1/14/2021 this transaction was reversed by Paypal and taken out of my account, and I was charged an additional fee of $15 on top of that. I contacted eBay customer service and was told this was all done on Paypal’s end and they were not even made aware of the case, nor were they involved in the transaction. They are still waiting, willing, and able to verify details of this case and have records of all our conversations. But it seems Paypal and the buyer’s credit card company made no attempt to even contact eBay to get the details of what had happened. They just decided to charge it back to the seller (me) without obtaining the facts. On contacting Paypal customer service, I was basically told that this was all being done by the buyer’s credit card company and was out of their control. I asked about the seller and buyer protections that are supposed to be provided, and was basically given the same “this is out of our control” response.

Paypal then tells me that the way to resolve this is for me to contact the BUYER’S BANK (a person who I do not know and only was given the email of), to get THEM to resolve this. A seemingly impossible task for me to complete. Seeing as how THEY are facilitating the transaction, THEY should have the means to contact this institution, whereas I do not even know this person I sold an item to on eBay. I do not know what kind of credit card he used, what brand, what bank, or any information to help facilitate fixing this error.

My immediate concern is to get paid back for the transaction involved in this case. But honestly, I almost feel cheated by Paypal to the point that I should be asking for all the fees I have paid to them as a seller be reimbursed. This past year alone I have $6416.13 in sales facilitated by Paypal besides this one transaction, and maybe just a few hundred dollars in sales in years past. And if this is the level of “Protection” I am paying to get, I never would have gotten Paypal involved in the first place. Now I am legitimately scared that I could have sold thousands of dollars in merchandise that I have no recourse to get back, and all they would have to do is contest the charges on their credit card and I would lose EVERYTHING, money and merchandise. I wouldn’t say it’s a significantly high number of sales I have done over the years. But Paypal was used because of the fact that it is supposed to PROTECT us from situations like this, not cheat us out of our earned money without getting the facts of the case. If this is the level of “protection” I am paying for, it seems I should not even be paying them to get involved in transactions to begin with.

But honestly, right now, this is a case that is probably dealing with hundreds of dollars, not extremely high amounts, though apparently that could change if one of my larger transaction amounts gets disputed on a credit card. If you think this is going to cost more than I could recover, please let me know and I will drop this.

At a minimum I would like to get the money from this transaction and the fees they charged for it back to my account, but if you think I can make a case for those other fees from all transactions past as well I would like to try.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Refund of all fees I have ever paid to Paypal for eBay sales, as they were used under the false pretense of protecting sellers from fraud which clearly they are NOT doing when I have a verifiable case with evidence and they still look the other way.

Submitted by: Anonymous PayPal customer in Los Angeles | Read more PayPal complaints

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