Amtrak Bad Customer Support

Amtrak Bad Customer Support

What Amtrak did:
Used buses without any Covid protocols from El Paso to San Antonio, overnight, due to a service disruption. Requested full refund of my sleeping car charge; was offered 1/3. Also requested to be informed about what corrective action Amtrak will take to ensure that buses it uses will observe Covid-prevention protocols equivalent to those on its trains, which it advertises heavily as a “safe” way to travel; no response. I’ve requested arbitration; no response.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Full refund of my $300 accommodation charge (this is in addition to the fare I paid to get from point A to point B), plus some sort of financial compensation for the unreasonable and unnecessary risk they exposed me to overnight on a bus with no one wearing facial coverings. And I certainly want to know what sort of corrective action they’ll take.

How would you rate your experience with Amtrak?
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Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more Amtrak complaints

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