Brinks Home Security Claim for Compensation

Brinks Home Security Claim for Compensation

What Brinks Home Security did:
I once worked at speedway llc as a cashier around January 8th 2019 my co- worker asked for a guys phone number that worked for our atm company (brinks) the guy sent me pictures of his “ **** “ sent sexual harassing messages which was kinda hot at the time, but as time went on he turned into a jerk, there was a time he said he was there at the store dared me to ask him how his **** was, so I did thinking it was him ( I have a brain injury so I honestly wouldn’t know the difference ) actually turned out to be his co-worker highly embarrassing. I was pushed out of the job I loved due to being harassed by I’m assuming his friends and family, they would drive by calling me a slut, whore , coming in peeing all over the bathroom and then come to my register and smile in my face after the list continues to go on and on. I would report these things to my boss because they were honestly upsetting me and there was no way I could prove it therefore she couldn’t do anything about it i felt the only thing I could do was to leave my job to get away from it all.
The brinks company still has my phone “ wire tapped “ and my privacy is still invaded to this day!
I’ve been shamed , I’ve been humiliated, and extremely hurt by all of this! I’ve been past my stroke and seizure issues for two years now and due to all of the harassing humiliation name calling making me feel like I’m worthless etc. officers following me around for the past two years invading every part of my privacy has me stressed out to the max so my seizures took place all over again starting on 12/12/20 ended up hospitalized again! I’m currently back out of work due to all of the unnecessary drama and bull crap!
I’m not filing a law suite for any type of money, I’m doing this to have my privacy back, peace of mind back and to get myself healthy and back to being me and for the love of god for the harassment to stop!! Too much abuse I’m trying to recover from a toxic abuse situation not to be terrorized by brinks people officers and his friends and family!
A fed up woman!

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Take care of the harassment

Submitted by: Anonymous Brinks Home Security customer in Auburn | Read more Brinks Home Security complaints

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