Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

What Charter Spectrum did:
My services have been suspended. I work from home and my children go to school from home. I called in November to upgrade services due to job and I was then informed my bill would be $223 monthly after taxes.I have tried multiple times to get help with my account but I get hung up on, information not being relayed correctly, and when I ask for certain departments I get denied and put into a loop of total frustration and chaos. I made a payment to my account on 12/10/20 in the amount of $150 then another on 12/30/20. My account according to my app at the time my past due was only $33.71. I call a representative on 1/13/21 to see about account because I go to set arrangements and I see my balance is now over $600. I get to a representative who tells me the reason for interruption is because a new bill came out on 12/29/20. I advise the representative that I made a payment on 12/30/20 a day after that but the system did not have it on my account until 12/31/20. I did not receive my statement in the mail until 01/05/21. I was left confused, frustrated, and stressed about my job and my children’s safety. We are all home because of Covid. I’ve had to make a career change from working in a school to working from home. All of us are fighting this pandemic and are receiving help. I can’t understand why spectrum can’t show their customers the same support. I also advised the representative that I can’t make another payment like that because I do not get paid again until 2 more weeks in turn could cost me my job. I still did not receive help and when I asked for a manager/retention team the representative continued to deny me that right and then routed me back to their que not what I asked for. Please could someone assist me with this issue. I love my spectrum services but I would love to be treated as a valued customer. I have come to terms that spectrum only cares about your payment and not your satisfaction.

Submitted by: Anonymous Charter Spectrum customer in Wichita falls | Read more Charter Spectrum complaints

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