Cricket Wireless Claim for Compensation

Cricket Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Cricket Wireless did:
I became a Cricket Wireless customer on 7-14-20. I signed up threw a friend’s referral that gave both my friend and myself a $25 credit after a set time frame. When I started the service I was offered the highest price plan but with the model phone I have that plan wasn’t worth it for me due to the fact that plan offered unlimited hotspot and my phone doesn’t have hotspot with cricket. The customer service representative was fully aware of this and I was supposed to be on there unlimited talk and txt with 10g data at $40 a month and with auto pay the monthly payment should of been $35. Instead the rep put me on the highest plan at $60 a month and even though I had called in several times about the plan being wrong I couldn’t get it changed till I went to a store in Nov. and spoke to someone in person and was suppose to be credited the over payments for the first 4 months and to finally be put on the right plan and that didn’t happen instead they put me on the wrong plan again charging me $50 for the next 2 months. I finally refused to pay for anymore service till the credits were given and the plan changed to the one I wanted from the start and the $25 credit for signing up threw my friends referral was also given. Instead Cricket Wireless cancelled my service and is forcing me to pay reactivation fees to and the past due amount to restart my service and now says there is no credits in anyway and I will not get the $25 and neither will my friend even though we both should have. I have had to get a new number because cricket would not release my number so this cost several flooring jobs because I was unable to be reached and it took time to get everyone and customers my new number. This has lost me several thousand in income . The last customer service representative I spoke to told me there is no records of my calls and previous complaints of the money over paid. So months over paid was 7/20, 8/20, 9/20, 10/20, 11/20 then service shut off 12/20. Those same months I called in each month complaining of the over charges and in November I went to the Cricket Wireless store and talked to the rep there and was told I would finally get the credits and would see that reflected on my December bill. The work I lost due to this was mid December two customers went to another flooring company for there work because they couldn’t reach me at the number I had both customers were for complete carpet replacement one for a total of $495 in labor and $376 in profit on the carpet. The second job would of came to $764 in labor and $532 in profit on the carpet. On top of that I had to then change all my business cards at a cost of $299. Then the hours spent contacting all my customers and contractors to get them my new number plus changing the number on all advertising.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like to see compensation in some way for the lost income and the hours put into having to get my new number out to all the places and contacts to keep my business going.

Submitted by: Anonymous Cricket Wireless customer in Leechburg | Read more Cricket Wireless complaints

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