TD Bank Bad Customer Support

TD Bank Bad Customer Support

What TD Bank did:
For over 3 years I have been trying to get them to financially help me. I have a trust,with Private Client Trust Management Dept. The beneficiary of this trust which my late father left is my son. My trust officer hasn’t made money to speak of since the inception of the trust in 1993. I asked why he hadn’t kept up with inflation over all these years and his stupid reply to me was “because my father hadn’t mentioned the word INFLATION in his will” oh dear I thought to myself. The last few 3 yrs have been very very difficult for me. I have been homeless and penniless. My financial life depends totally on TDCT and that dependence is ONLY $500 per month which is way
way beneath poverty level. Thats $6,000 a year. Can you tell me how in over 25 years that I only get 500 – yes ONLY 500 dollars a month. Who can possibly live on that. Who. I am 80 years old and not well. I have medication which is 275 per month and that leaves 225 dollars for me to live on for the rest of the month. Its impossible. I don’t trust them and for the last few years they don’t answer any emails and forget calling them because you never get a human. I have 2 teeth left in my mouth and I need the roots extracted and the dentist told me months ago that if I don’t have them out I will have trouble. I have had sores and bleeding for a while. I don’t have the money. I also have some skin ones that I should have taken out and biosied months ago. I might have skin cancer I don’t know. I don’t have any money. When I say no money I mean it. I found a discrepancy of 200k when I looked at statements and I asked my trust officer why and what was going on. No answer. Then he emailed me and said that he was fed up with me because I was asking so many questions and that he would only communicate with me every 2 weeks. Is that normal? No it isn’t
They treat me like dirt and at 80 years old I feel its elderly abuse 101.
Initially he would let me have a future payment of the wonderful $500,a month early. Now if I ask him for 500 advance he acts as if I am asking
for millions. Sometimes I run out of medication and no money – I have developed seizures since all the stress and if I don’t take them as prescribed then I’ll have a seizure and that has happened often but he dosent care. I have in the past suggested different stocks to invest in and no response. I am seriously coming to believe that there is something ontoward going on within the trust. He also lies. And one thing I have to mention before I forget – in the fall of 1997 I asked him if he could please advance me the next months $500 so I could buy a plane ticket to England to go to my late sisters funeral. HE NEVER ANSWERED OR SENT ANY MONEY. I asked him later why he didn’t and he gave me some lie that he made up. Mean and nasty
My father had for many years an account with NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK IN LONDON UK. And for years he said to both my sister and me that he was leaving it to us but it was not mentioned in his will and he told us when we got back to the UK to take it out and have his stock broker invest it for us. It was in1993 $445 thousand dollars which today would be the
Equivalent of around $782 185,03. However what they did was snoop and somehow they found out and had that money earmarked for us in time of trouble never reached us and was put into the trust
For 3 years I have written at least 400 plus emails to the CEO of TDCT a Mr Bharat Masrani and a CEO in New Jersey a Mr Greg Braca. Do you know I NEVER EVER had ONE reply. Nothing. Forget the OMBUDSMAN they were no help and very rude but they are paid by TDCT. I have called and emailed Customer Care so so so often no reply. NOTHING. They claim to CARE well the DONT. They don’t like me for some reason. My desperation sought out other people to contact but they never answered me. I am 80 years old. I am frightened ill die in the streets. I need to go to Assisted living to live my life out where there is compassion and care and medical care free
I can have a place in an assisted living as soon as I can have money but I haven’t any options without a penny.
Two months ago I emailed one of the Directors. He finally got hold of me and told me that Mr Greg Braca would be in touch. After a few days I emailed Greg Braca. And I emailed him at least 20 times. I know but I was and am desperate. Still NO REPLY. And the director who I had initially written to has never replied either after numerous calls. I haven’t any self
esteem anymore. I know that sounds silly for an 80 year old but nobody seems to care about me. They just want me dead. Don’t they understand that NO human can live on 500 dollars. 500 dollars a month. I have cried and cried and my poor late father would be so sad seeing his 80 year old daughter just hanging on. He trusted them and they just cared about the money not honoring my dear fathers memory. He had known two ex CEOs well and I’m sure they wouldn’t like this treatment
You know nobody understands desperation unless they have experienced it. Its very very frightening

Right now as well as having no money, the stress of dealing with their ignoring me if just as bad. They better understand what the word CARE means. Its the worst treatment I have experienced. They are rude and if anyone asked me if I would recommend dealing with TDCT I would quickly say DONT GET ANYWHERE NEAR TGEM. THEY ARE AWFUL. I have seen so many criticisms of how bad they are. But two CEOS not answering a paying suffering client is really disgusting. If this got out their reputation would go down further. Please I am 80 and want some security in my last years as my dear father would want. I also think he would be furious that they would ignore my situation when they took the money that was in the UK

I dont for a moment think they can take the money out of the capital
But I believe without a doubt I should be awarded zCompensation for the way they have treated me. I want over a million or more dollars. Life is priceless. They don’t understand. They are mean mean people

Thank you I am tired – this takes so much from me emotionally and mentally. I haven’t time to wait another 3 years of this. I need to be compensated asap.

Thank you very much
Jean *********-Dick

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Well look at it. $500 a month is nothing. I think the trust officer should get on the ball and buy stocks that yield something. TD has always been known to stick with their stupid TD shares that are so unyielding. I don’t like my trust officer. He is a mean mean vindictive person.

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