Comcast Claim for Compensation

Comcast Claim for Compensation

What Comcast did:
We called Comcast on 1/14 (while our service was still on) to set up a payment arrangement for 1/23. The agent made the payment arrangement for 1/23 and Guaranteed our internet service would stay on. The service was then disconnected on 1/17, we called and the agent removed the block, turned back on the service and again reassured us that the service would stay on until 1/23. (This phone call was recorded by us) Then on 1/20 the service was again disconnected, we called and the agent manually removed the block, turned the service back on and said she waived the disconnect fee, and told us that we would have to call back every day until the 23rd to have them turn it back on and waive the fee. (This call was recorded by us) Then on 1/20 when we called they refused to turn the service back on and said that none of the fees had been or would be waived and that we were given wrong information by the other agents we had spoken to. Our son does online school and they were not willing to turn the service back on, even though we had that payment arrangement in place for 1/23. There has to be something done about companies that tell you one thing, Guarantee it and then turn around and do something completely different.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want to be reimbursed for all the disconnection and reconnect fees that we were charged during this process and I want to be compensated for my time I spent on the phone each time with their agents, just to inevitably get nowhere.

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast customer in Grand Island | Read more Comcast complaints

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