T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I have been in service with them since june/july 2020 and I have been having issues with there service since August/ September. I have called 16 times since Christmas2020, just to be told that I would have to pay for better service from them (get a better plan than the unlimited pre-paid one I have), to be told that I will just have to keep resetting my network settings until they get get more towers over here… like what??!!?? So basically they admitted their service is crap and the people in my area will just have to keep paying but for none to crappy service until they(tmobile) do better. But as I’ve explained this doesn’t just happen where I live unless I’m in midtown Manhattan my service sucks. I’ve also been hung up on by customer service about 5 times already about trying to get info on how I go about starting arbitration. I’m fed u. I am paying $60a month for prepaid and my service is supposed to be unlimited with hotspot (10gb)… yet somehow I’m paying $60 just to restart my network settings everyday, multiple times a day, or to be on my wifi. I am FED UP…. my phone constantly tells me i’m not connected to any service /internet even when it has 1 or two bars( that’s another issue in itself). It will say tmobile LTE and still get no internet message or couldnt load please connect to internet…… I called multiple times to see the process for arbitration and was hung up on. Today was the final straw {01/23/21} as I finally was transferred to a ‘supervisor’ whom suspiciously sounded like the woman who was to transfer me. When asked the process she stated that there was a number i had to call. I asked for the number so that I wouldn’t get hung up on again. The number I was given is ********** which turned out to be the opt out of arbitration number. Look Im done with these companies. They lie to the consumer constantly are getting millions off of us just forbs promises and fraudulent service. Please assist. If anything elseI must provide let me know I have screen recordings of my issues. Thank You.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Stop lying to the consumer… companies need to start being honest with the consumers ( if your service sucks say that so that so that I can find a company that doesn’t suck). NOONE should have to feel as I feel right now (bamboozled)

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