Verizon Fios Claim for Compensation

Verizon Fios Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Fios did:
I have had 2 very upsetting verizon wireless billing and ethics issues. I lived in astoria oregon ordered service from a phone offering discounts on services so i ordered 2 phones to find out my first bill was over 600 dollars because the representative i ordered them from never told me there was no service in my area everything was charged at roaming rate. I cancelled service they sent my bill of over 2000 to a collection agency immediately and ruoned my good credit. They refused to work with me on settlement and i was unable to contact anyone at verizon to talk to to discuss the phoney situation they established without even checking to ser if my area was even serviceable. Second and more recent i contracted to buy phones to upgrade my service at a verizon store in albany oregon. While writing up the order i directly stated to the manager to make sure all updates and equipment costs would be made by monthly payments on my verizon bill i obtained 2 phones covers and a tablet also a earplug set costing 200 total of all equipment was 1200.00 by contract charged to my account.when i received my first bill from this it was for the full 1200.00 with no monthly payments on any of my purchases. I called a representative that told me they could work it out but all they did was send it to an attorney collection service demanding a payment
of 3100.00 to settle the bill. I could no longer talk with anyone at verizon and was told to deal with the collection agency directly .verizon started reporting total derogatory information on my credit report damaging my good credit without recourse. Thats why i need help im not paying these people at verizon 3100.00 when it was their fault to sell me equipment that never got billed monthly in the first place 1200.00 please help me negotiate this payment and also have them to remove all derogatory information off my credit report due to the fact this was their error to begin with. Thanks william * ***** ********** please contact me asap to help remedy this issue.

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