Credit Acceptance Corp Unauthorized Robocalls

Credit Acceptance Corp Unauthorized Robocalls

What Credit Acceptance Corp did:
I was victim of a shady used car dealer who pulled a bait and switch car sale on me while I was moving in 2016 that cost me my job and place to live directly because of the issues I had with the car breaking down all the time . I signed documents for financing with credit acceptance on a black 2005 Hyndai Santa fe that was 6200 and paid 1200 down but after test drive and the entire day verifying my application and getting approved she tells me at end of sale that we were all done and all she needed was one last document before I could have my keys and be on my way in the car. she needed a copy of my rental agreemnt she said so I went home a mile awy came back with it and she informs me the car was sold for cash while i was gone 15 miuntes . I said NO YOU CANNT SELL MY CAR I JUST SIGNED LOAN DOCS ON IT and she said Im sorry but its already gone and and theres nothing she can do , I literslly stared to cry I was moving to a new job and residence off the frid and had 48 hours to finish and she offered me my down payment back . I was stunned and said NO I NEED A CAR ILL BE SLEEPING IN A BUSH WITHOUT IT and begged her to put me in another car and she said sorry nothing in my price range , As I started to get even more upset I looked at every car on the lot and said you can surely put me in something you cant do this to me HOW COULD YOU DO THIS and she said no she had nothing and would return my 1200 down and I said that I was now going to lose my new job and house and it was raining and she said she might have ONE Car and has her detailer bring out a brown car same year and make and model as the black one she sold out from under me but it was beat up and filthy and not even seen anywhere on the lot before she showed it to me with no sign indicating it was offered for sale on her lot . It had no sticker price in windows no AS IS WARRANTY LABLE and had dealer plates on it and when I looked at it I just didnt know what to say excet ITS BABY **** BROWN AND BEAT UP and tears fell down my face as she had it brought over for a better look and said that she would give me a really good price for it and could let me have it for 4200 w. vs the 6200 I just signed 4 hours worth of paperwork for that entire day.. It was now 5 pm and she wanted to go and said look go ahead and take it with me and if I dont want it I can bring it back or we can address any problems with it and reluctantly I agreed as I was moving and had little to no choice . I took the car home and shut it off and and then went to turn back on to back it in my driveway to load it and it woudnt start ,the battery was totally DEAD not even a warning light came on NOTHING I had to call someone for a jump and started it after a few minutes then put in reverse it went CLUNK really loud as if the motor mount was broken or something with the front end was not secure or transmission was gonna fall out I wasnt sure but that it was something major . I immediatly went and took a better look at this POS and it was filthy the Air bag lights were on the AC didnt work there was a box for a control arm in the cargo area and when i saw the bak seats were FILTHY and one set belt was broken I tried to pull the seat down to find out what smelled so bad and there was what appeared to be BABY POO soaked all down the fold of the back seat that LITERALLY had 2 inch tall mold growing on it I WAS MORTIFIED and ran inside my house in digust to call PEGGIE PINNOCHIO the owner of the used car lot and her mom answered and said she had left for RENO and wouldnt be back untio TUESDAY . SO i emailed her with my list of observations and complaints and was very clear that the car was unnaceptable not running and disgusting with mechanical issues that were causing it to feel unsafe etc . I went ahead and moved all y stuff up to my new place where my bss met me to say they would not be ready for me to take possession for another 30 days and could I go visit my family a few weeks until they could finish moving out. so NOW I WAS TRAPPED WITH THIS CAR AND ABSOLUTELY PANIC STRICKEN . I had to sleep in it as I couldnt start it without a jump start and it was nothing but one issue after another until it became clear I had been burned and burned bad I never even got a copy of my loan papers until a week later and when I did they were in spanish and I contacted the finace company to verify the purchase price and sure enough it was 6700 and not the 4200 plus tax and lisence I was told . I aalso tried explaining what happemed nd they said someone would call me back they never did and I had no help from Peggy at Family Motors who repeatedly lied about puting me in a better car or fixing this one that ws in need of a battery and front end had no break lghts AC nothing I was getting in the other car and no price adjustment when I went to complain about the paerwork and told her she needed to give me the right papers and fix the car she would make appts and cancel them meanwhile Im stranded 0n a mountain to so far off grid waiting for antyone to jump start the car because even AAA wouldnt come up where I was at and it caused me to lose my job and my house and I had to begin the repair process that has yet to end I lost my house and had to live in the car starting in april 2017 with my dogs and due to not having AC as she promised was only a need to put freon turned out to be 1400 to fix after needing new tires brakes rotors a strut mount U joint Freeze plugs the radiator and engine needed flushed from having ORANGE SLUDGE instead of coolant in it and when I tried to drive to la after the tires and battery and other things the engine light came on half way there and then it was so hot in Southern ca I almost killed my poor dogs and had no choice but to drive home with the engine light on . it was what I was told a bad spark plug and when I was able to get someone to tear it down to chage plugs one was actually MELTED into the motor and i was told my Catalytic converter had gone out , I was stil current on payments at that time and called the finance company agin without success who was unwilling to discuss anythng and thats when I noticed that there were additional charges for the car that was supposed to be 4900 after all and wen I called peggy she had gone out of business , currently I have not driven the car since june last year I have replaced the radiator alternator freeze pugs tires brakes rotors fuel pump widow switch on drivers door because the windows stopped working ,I have replaced the entire suspension including control arms sterut mount inner and outer tie rods sway bar and bushings and rack and pinion axle spark plugs and plu wires oil changes filters brake lights fuses headlights disabled the airbags due to recall and no one will insect them without an arm and leg dispite calling dealership who also refused to inspect suspension after i learned that there was a recall on the struts and suspension for my model but only in states that snow. nnot CALIF cars. well news flah the car is from UKIAH CALIF and SONORA CA and it sNOWs there every year so WHY shouldnt they honor the recall repair for this vehicle as i have had to replace many front end parts myself and it still needs a CV AXLE on the passenger sde . I am just now able to finally be in a covid resonse shelter where I am trying to deal with the fact I can not drive the cars unless I spend MORE MONEY to fix the CALIF LEGAL CATALYTIC CONVERTER its till needs at a prts only cost of 1400 EACH and requires 2 in addition to the timing belt slipping and water pump that went out after the rack n pinion leaked power steering fluid all over tht location Ive fixed the raiatr nd hoses belts and Harmonic Balancewr Idler pulley and just paid off the 900 in parking tickets I receieved during the constant periods of it being broke down in places that dont allow all night parking only to find out on my credit scre that the finance company now added 2800 to the 3800 they had already sent to collection after i tried to fix the problem with them and they responded with BUT YOU SIGNED THE PAPERS . well it turns out I dont beieve what I signed was the same documents they have and I certainly never agreed to pay 11,000 total on this car that was 4200 plus 500 tax and lisc and for which I had rewceipts tp proove I haver PAID 3800 and should ony owe them IF A DIME which frankly I should get my mney back and damages for the finacial devestration and heath problems I suffered as a result of the FRAUDULENT SALES TACTICS AND OBVIOUSLY FORGED DOCUMENTS thatI cant even understand because the copy I have from the dealer when I went back for them after the sale are conveinianty iin SPANISH . I have made written email and voice calls to peggy at family motors and to Credit acceptance who every time I talk to them they add thousands to my debt and I cant drive this car register it JUNK IT or SELL IT and Im certainly not able to leave it in my name nor can I just forget about the 1000s and thousans I have invested in rebuiding this thing and still cant drive it until I spend another couple grand and now after paying off DMV 3 months ago an another filed attept with CREDIT ACCEPTANCE they added 2800 to my collection account that is a total of 6800 for a car I have put 30k on in 5 years that i should have owed 1200 had they adjusted the price as promised and never did and now the dealer is out of business I am homelsss in a covid shelter with damage to my lungs from the bacerial infection that this car gave me 2 yrs ago and almost killed me and hospitalized me for 3 months due to breathing in the mold in the carpewts and seats that no amount of cleaning could remove , I had to completely rip out EVERYTHING from the filters to the carpet and padding and replace EVERYTHING that was not cheap just to make it safe for me to breath in the car , and I cant find an attorney to help me because its a used car Im on SSI now and lost my job as a resident property manager after this car left me stranded and I am still facing the timing bekt water pump and catalytic repair after everything else and feel not ony do i deserve my money back but If not my money back I deserve my Opink slip to the car and my debt erased at the credit reporting agaencis that keeps changing to higher and higher numbers for a car I didnt weven want or sign for

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like them to release the title and erase my collection account from all 3 credit agencies and return my cost for repairs and damages for loss of employemnt housing and health problems caused by the MOLDED CARPETS AND SEATS that nearly KILLED Me from sleeping in the car after It caused my termination of employemnt and housing {myemployer gave me the down payment money so I could move to the jobsite and when I couldnt rely on the car to run I lot my job eventually as a direct result . caused from the fraudulent charges and for the poor unsafe mechanicle conditions of this car that never once met even a minimum standard of implied merchantability . This car was neer fit to be sold and has been unsafe to drive even afer 100s in verifiable repairs and attempts to correct the clear and intentional fraudulent sales tactics used to trick me into taking this car and fraudulent financing costs that dont even come close to what was expected or agreed to becaus eits not even the car I signed for and I have recorded calls emails and recipts for the payments Ive made and proof that they have added vbogus charges for GAP INS i never agreed to and added 2 yrs in payemnts for a tital of 5 yrs not 3 as the car was 4200 plus 500 in tax and licence and i paid 1200 down so I never financed more than 3800 and the numbers change everytime I tlk to them and in 5 yrs I have only put 30k miles on itt after thousands in repairs , The car was ne

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