DoorDash Complaint

DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did:
I have been facing an issue with my dasher app for the past few months. My status as a dasher shows that I am an active dasher. But I haven’t started dashing yet as my app shows that my background check needs some attention while I have cleared my police check. I have been troubleshooting this issue for 8 months now and my problem hasn’t resolved yet. The support team says they have been escalating my issue. But I haven’t received any response yet. People whom I know have their doordash ready even applying after me but my doordash isn’t ready. I have had complained plenty of times to through their support but they keep on giving me the same response over and over without any solution. I have had paid for my police check and now its like I am not able to do delivery.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
A refund for the amount I spent for police check or replace me with a new dasher account for free

How would you rate your experience with DoorDash?
⭐️ (1/5 stars)

Submitted by: Anonymous in Georgia | Read more DoorDash complaints

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