PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
My PayPal account was placed on an account limitation in early 2020. I had to wait 180 days for my funds to be eligible for transfer. I I received an email from PayPal on December 23, 2020 stating that my account was now eligible for a bank transfer. Since December 23 I have been calling PayPal and speaking to different representatives and supervisors about this issue. One supervisor told me that within 12 to 24 hours I would be able to transfer the funds, however, I was unable to do so so I began calling the next day. I have been given the same runaround loop narrative from every representative about this issue on my account. According to The most recent conversation I had with a PayPal supervisor the email should be disregarded about my funds being eligible for transfer. She told me that the funds were not yet available and that it had to go through additional review before the funds will be released. According to PayPal’s policy the review and the investigation it would be conducted within those 180 days as specified on their policy. Now I am being told something totally different and that I should disregard the email communications that paper has already sent me. This investigation has been going on for over 200+ days I have not been able to use this account in order to pay my bills as well as continue my business is keep hope alive out reach ministries. This is cause so much hardship in my life. Every time I call and speak to a PayPal customer service rep it seems as though there is no one that can change my account or do anything to fix the fact that I’m not able to transfer my funds. A supervisor told me that she couldn’t tell me any more details about my account the reason it was closed or details about when the investigation will be completed. PayPal is basically conducting a whole new review/investigation with no timeframe, so they can hold my money as long as they want to. I have wasted so much time and lost my business due to PayPals negligence they submitted a request on my behalf.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like payment from the money in my account. Also, payment for the loss of my business due to PayPal limitations and miscommunication to resolve this issue. I have lost my job, been unable to pay my bills, at risk of homeless and behind on Student Loan Payments.

Submitted by: Anonymous PayPal customer in Atlanta | Read more PayPal complaints

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