Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

What Charter Spectrum did:
My name is Selena ***** I have been a costermer for spectrum for over 3 years already and wat they are doing is inhuman, every month and I mean every month the shut my internet off for not even 70 dollar bill , I understand they are a buisness but also I understand they are a rich and powerful company that should have a little simpanthy on there costermers, I always pay my bill but this convid19 situation has been very bad barley no work at all , my kids ho home school and not by choice they go home school because of the situation the entire world is going thru, fo the past 6 months they have shut me down 5 times and I have to go and get a cash advance at amscot, during the entire pandemic shut down they did nothing to help but put me on a payment plan of extra 10 dollars a month wich put my bill even higher, I had to get 2 times a tec and pay them out of pockets to com and fix my computers because of them , I would understand if my bill was over 400 dollars but for a lawsy 70 dollars to get shut down is insane, they should atleast cut the price halve for 2 years until all this convid19 gets better but no they don’t care about the small people

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Refund me the cancellation charges and credit the 4 months I have paid , wen the country was shut down

Submitted by: Anonymous Charter Spectrum customer in Orlando | Read more Charter Spectrum complaints

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